We are a small close knit team of boys and girls that work tirelessly to ensure we source and deliver the best available fruit, veg, dairy, bakery and other items to our valued customers.

Our ethos is very clear….. Great produce at great prices delivered by great people (and that’s not just ourfantastic drivers!!).

We provide our customers with great quality and for that reason we would never claim to be the ‘bargain basement’ solution. But, we still aim to get the best prices possible for the goods th

at will satisfy and delight our customers. There are a multitude of suppliers that will buy the cheapest and claim they are supplying the best. No names, no comebacks, you know who you are!!

Our products are on their way out as soon as they are harvested…. It’s then our job to get them to you as soon as possible so they taste and look delicious. Our stock is minimal so you won’t get stock which is a week old.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is our honesty and frankness.

If a customer asks us for a product which is not at its best because of various out of control reasons (seasonality, weather, etc), we will advise accordingly. You will see from our monthly e-Newsletter that we tell our customers about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly so they are as informed as possible about what they should and shouldn’t be buying.

Our customers respect and want this straight talking. Our customers want to offer the best produce at the right times and this is really conducive for all concerned. That’s not to say we won’t deliver if a customer wants it anyway! Its just when they call and tell us ‘it’s not very good’ we can, with no small amount of smugness, reply with the proverbial ‘we told you so!’.

With all economic and climactic conditions considered we buy whatever we can locally, but we still struggle to get Oxfordshire Pineapples at the moment! When we can, you will be the first to know.

Our greatest strength? Our people, without a shadow of doubt. We are blessed to have committed, experienced, friendly, driven people across all disciplines, from sales through administration, through

operations and delivery. We strive every day in our quest to be the best option overall for our customers.

Of course, business demands seriousness and respect at the right times. But we do all believe that it also important to have fun and laugh as much as you can to ensure you enjoy your work life. Its sounds corny, but we do build friendships

within our business, with suppliers and customers alike. If you don’t love what you are doing and who you are doing it with, then change it. NB Life

Coaching advice available by appointment only!